Helping golfers progress their game

  • Research and competitive analysis
  • Discovery
  • Product design
  • Prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • Project Manager
  • Design Lead/Strategist
  • Product Designer
  • iOS Engineer
  • Back-end Engineer
Native mobile application (iOS)

12 months
In 2016, Josephmark partnered with Australian golfing legend and former world No. 1 Adam Scott and his management team to explore the future of the game at the intersection of technology. Pin is both the culmination and first digital product of that partnership.

Following an extensive research, benchmarking and discovery phase, I collaborated with two other product designs to completely reinvent the experience of scoring a round of golf and tracking statistics over time. Initial wireframes were built out at low fidelity and combined to make an interactive prototype for testing with users and gathering valueable insights. This feedback informed the design process as we moved to higher levels of fidelity before working closely with the development team to realise the final experience. Pin was launched in the App Store in November 2017.

Visual design of key views, including course overview, scoring and statistics